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Ready Arc's view is that we’re in the service industry, and that the individual goals of our clients are our goals.  We believe that every person that comes to us has unique needs, and we at Ready Arc Training and Testing will train each individual to succeed.

Ready Arc Training and Testing is the Maritimes only recognized Private Welding School offering the best training to get you into the workforce sooner and better prepared for the job. Certified top-notch instructors and state-of-the-art facilities provide the best hands-on program there is. If you’re serious about connecting to a career in welding, we’ll get you there!

What Our Students Say ...

“At Ready Arc, you’re not just a student number or a tuition cheque like so many other schools. They take your goals seriously, personally supporting you every step of the way with everything from schoolwork to shop work to life. You get specialized training that you can’t get anywhere else, from trained and experienced people that have been welding their entire life. They live and breathe welding –you can’t ask for anything better than that.”

~ Jenna Novak

“My time at Ready Arc was awesome. I learned what I needed to faster than at other colleges and acquired more welding tickets. It was a hard course for me in the classroom, but I had great help from my teachers and classmates. In the shop there was unlimited help as well, the teachers there really want you to succeed.”

~ Erica Sparks

“In the winter of 2020, I started researching welder training in New Brunswick and came across Ready Arc from a Google search. Everything sounded great, 6-month welding program, more tickets, both classroom, and practical training. After graduating in the summer of 2021 I realized it was a great decision to choose Ready Arc. Heading into the workforce I feel confident with the skills and knowledge I’ve learned.”

~ Riley Cook

“The instructors here are amazing. Steve is really good at explaining things and he’s excellent at guiding you. And Butch, he’ll teach you everything he knows and it’s just amazing to see him give all that he’s learned over the years back to us as students.”

~ Madison Thorne

“A shorter program with the ability to earn more tickets than other courses, plus the student success rates from past classes, made it a pretty easy decision to come to Ready Arc. I love the teachers, and I learned so much in the shop during my time here.”

~ Jack Kelly

“I liked that the course is a fast track to tickets and that it is really intensified - no room to take my foot off the gas. Everyone genuinely cares about each student who walks through these doors. They want you to succeed. This course gave me a thorough education, and I feel comfortable walking onto the job. I have a lot to learn still, but I feel like I have a solid foundation to go out and prove myself and build on.”

~ Kelsey Morton

“Steve, Butch and Jason were always nearby and ready to help if you had any questions, and always willing to show you how it’s done. If you are ahead, they just let you be ahead and keep working to get better and better. If someone falls behind a little, they’re always there to do whatever it takes to help you catch up. I’ll be forever grateful for the skills and knowledge they gave me.”

~ Matt Russell

“You get tons of time in the shop and the number of tickets you get here put it over the top for me – more than other programs. This is such a great place to be and learn. The atmosphere is really good, and the instructors constantly drive and push you to give it your all and that you can always be better. They really mean it when they say they want to produce the best welders here – it’s obvious once you’re here and learning from the pros.”

~ Richard Teare