About Our Facility

Ready Arc Training and Testing provides only the most professional welder training and testing environment.

Our shop area is clean, bright and well-maintained with 18 welding booths that are fully-equipped with a vice, electrical outlets, air for pneumatic tools and ventilation. We’re ready for you to walk in and get to work.   Our classroom environment is also clean, quiet and fully separated from the shop floor.

18 Fully Equipped Individual Welding Booths

Vice • Outlets • Air for Pneumatic Tools • Ventilation 

We are experienced in training and testing in all major welding processes (SMAW, GTAW, GMAW, FCAW and GTAW-P). We can also provide bend tests with the guided bend roller method or with the wrap - around jig, and with our automatic bandsaw and lathe we fabricate all of our own coupons and can easily make them to order.

If there is a process or weld procedure your team requires that needs custom welder testing or training, we are happy to accommodate through thorough consultation with you.  In the past, we have tested and trained with SAW, stud welding and even orbital GTAW.

Ready Arc Training and Testing Welder Shop