About Ready Arc

Since taking ownership in 2014, the team at Ready Arc Training and Testing has been committed to getting people excited about a career path in the trades. Our instructors and management are passionate about helping people see their own potential while supporting each individual journey to a successful welding career through hard work and expert guidance.


We take pride in supporting growth, opportunity, and interest in the trades everywhere possible - within our shop and classroom walls, with government and industry, and in our communities and schools. Some of our initiatives to accomplish this include:


Ready Arc has come a long way through careful planning and investment into what benefits clients and students now and in the future. We’re in it for the long haul to support bringing young people into the welding trade, setting them up for success, and creating a sustainable career path.


Our view is that we’re in the service industry - and the individual goals of our students and clients are our goals. We also believe that everyone has unique requirements and shared concerns in the welding trade, and we’re always moving forward with that in mind.