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Ready Arc Training and Testing is a new company with a modern philosophy.


Our view is that we’re in the service industry and the individual goals of our clients are our goals.  We believe that every person that comes to us has unique needs, and we at Ready Arc Training and Testing will train each individual to succeed.

Ready Arc Training and Testing is the Maritimes only recognized Private Welding School offering the best training to get you into the workforce sooner and better prepared for the job. Certified top-notch instructors and state-of-the-art facilities provide the best hands-on program there is. If you’re serious about connecting to a career in welding, we’ll get you there!

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What Our Students Say ...

“At Ready Arc, you’re not just a student number or a tuition cheque like so many other schools. They take your goals seriously, personally supporting you every step of the way with everything from schoolwork to shop work to life. You get specialized training that you can’t get anywhere else, from trained and experienced people that have been welding their entire life. They live and breathe welding –you can’t ask for anything better than that.”

~ Jenna Novak, Ready Arc Graduate

"You will sweat. You will be burned. You will be frustrated at times. It’s all worth it. The sense of accomplishment when you pass your first ticket is next to none. This is a great school where the students come first. You won't be disappointed with your choice to enroll!"

~ Eric Braam, Ready Arc Graduate

"If you are entertaining the idea of becoming a welder, Ready Arc is the place to learn. The instructors are knowledgeable and patient. There is a great balance of academic and practical instruction. The only way to master anything is to practice, and Ready Arc offers the most available booth time out there. Smaller class sizes offer more one-on-one quality instruction. If you are willing to pull up your socks and learn as much as you can while you are here, the opportunities are endless when you leave."

~ Ryan Nolan, Ready Arc Graduate

“Throughout my time at Ready Arc Welding I learned many great things. The shop is always buzzing and there is something new to see every day. The environment is relaxed; the bookwork in class is well explained. Ready Arc is a good choice for anyone wanting to get their start in the welding trade.” 

~ Brian Hunter

"As a former student of Ready Arc’s, I came here knowing nothing about welding. While I was here for the 24-week program, I learned so much from my excellent classroom teacher and the rest of the staff. They taught me just about everything I know on the practical side of things. They made it easy to come in smiling every day - early - willing to learn everything I possibly could.”

~ John Dougan

“My time at Ready Arc gave me a great understanding of welding theory, math for welders and blueprint reading – and of course the skills necessary to become a really good welder. After I completed my program, I had no problem finding a job in Alberta where I put to use what I had learned, as well as learning new skills like metal fabrication.  Today, I am back at home in Saint John at a good paying job that I truly enjoy. I can honestly say if it wasn’t for Ready Arc, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

~ Randy Richard

“Ready Arc knows how to focus on what really matters, which is producing excellent welders as quickly as possible. The knowledge you gain from the 24 weeks you’ll spend there is simply amazing.”

~ Scott Colpitts

“Being in the welding trade for the last 30 years and in related trades, I felt as though I owed it to myself to do my homework when it came to choosing the proper welding school to achieve my career goals - as far as tickets, training and the best bang for my buck. I chose Ready Arc because they delivered the training and hands-on approach I was looking for, both theory-wise and practical. They were second-to-none. It was an intense 24 weeks, but it really covered all the aspects I needed for the trade. They have great teachers and instructors, with many years of experience in the trade and the teaching skills to pass it on to students. I would not only recommend this program for any new welder just coming into the trade, but also to the experienced welder looking to upgrade skills for career advancement.”

~ Douglas Reynolds

“Initially I was a little apprehensive about returning to school and my ability to learn and retain information. Looking back now, I’m proud to say that I have been very successful in achieving my educational goals, and a great deal of credit must be given to the staff at Ready Arc. From the way they presented themselves to always going the extra mile.”

~ Renaud Brideau

“My experience at Ready Arc was great. The teachers here want to see you succeed and give you every opportunity available for improvement, from opening the shop early to extra help at lunch. They have changed my life enormously. I’m only 21 years old and am now on my way to becoming a journey-woman welder! I’m working in my trade and still come back to Ready Arc for welding tests. This is a great place with knowledgeable and patient staff.”

~ Erica Comeau