Do you recruit Atlantic Canadian welders for Alberta projects?

Introducing a new and better way to get your welders from East to West.

Ready Arc Training & Testing is now certified to administer welder testing right here in Atlantic Canada for weld procedures in Alberta. Welcome to the only testing facility east of Saskatchewan with a Certificate of Authorization issued by ABSA that can help companies and welders from Atlantic Canada:

  • Dramatically reduce travel costs
  • Gain a competitive edge in welder recruitment
  • Reduce the risk associated with failed tests in Alberta
  • Give your welders just a little longer at home
  • Send your welders west certified and ready to work

How We Help

Welder RecruitmentReady Arc Training and Testing Welder Shop

Attract welders for work in Alberta by promoting testing closer to home. They don’t risk failing the test thousands of miles away. They know they’ve got it before they go.

Welder Testing

Send only one company representative from Alberta to oversee testing sessions at our facility. Travel costs are now for one instead of many.

Custom Consultation

Work with Ready Arc directly to coordinate and prepare your welding procedure test. We’ve been administering testing, and doing it well, for years. Contact us for your custom consultation with Jason Martin, Ready Arc’s President, today.