Testing Information

Ready Arc Training and Testing - Welding TestReady Arc Training and Testing understands that from the welder’s perspective, the TEST is the single most important factor in getting the job.

Ready Arc provides a fully-equipped facility that allows the welder to focus only on welding - nothing else. Included in our test prices are all of the hand tools and consumables required. Welders who test with us are equipped with a tool box and all the materials they need.

We have regularly scheduled CWB test sessions (at least once a month) as well as ASME test sessions as required from our clients. We are equipped to test in all of the major welding processes and are able to complete bend tests with the guided bend roller method or with the wrap-around jig. With our automatic band-saw and lathe, we fabricate all of our own coupons and can easily make them to order.

If there is a process or weld procedure which needs custom welder testing, we are happy to accommodate.  In the past, we have tested welders with SAW, stud welding as well as orbital GTAW.

Check out our events page today to reserve your spot in our next testing session, or reach out for more information.


Need to certify welders for working in Alberta? We can help with that too.

Tests offered: CWB and ASME

Processes:  SMAW, GTAW, GMAW, FCAW and GTAW-P