Industrial Services

Training and Testing

Ready Arc has developed a reputation of excellence in training and testing welders with our industrial clients.

We recognize that every project, every welder and every company is different. This is exactly why we’ve developed – and continue to develop – services and solutions that are designed to help our clients and our industry increase productivity levels and promote future growth.

Expert Consultation & Oversight

Ready Arc offers you one point-of-contact and one relationship for ensuring welder qualifications remain valid and up-to-date. We do this through in-depth consultation, data management, and automatic renewals – all designed to complement our testing and training services.

When you work with Ready Arc, you can expect:

  • Expert consultation leading up to your next shut down, maintenance or other project
  • Reduced risk of non-compliance to provincial regulations
  • In-depth review of project welders, their certifications, upcoming expiry dates – plus any testing or training needs
  • Input and updating of pertinent database information
  • Notification of any possible certification issues before projects begin
  • Quality control for all testing at Ready Arc including preparation of QW484’s

Digital Management

Through our close consultation and ongoing relationships with clients, unions, companies, industry experts and government – we’ve also developed a digital management systems that make it easy to manage multiple certified welders.

Our goals for you include:

  • Ensuring project leads are focused on managing the multitude of details required to complete large and complex projects – be it shut downs, maintenance or other – and not needlessly bogged down by paperwork and data entry
  • Avoiding costly retesting for expired welding tickets (that can easily go unnoticed in a file folder, desk drawer or someone’s wallet)
  • Ensuring compliance with complicated government and industry regulations
  • Accessing summarized or detailed electronic information, when the job requires and as it relates to the project
  • Building a strong industry relationship with a reputable company who can provide expert consultation on welder qualifications, testing and training needs

Our goal, and what this all boils down to, is to provide our clients with an opportunity to save time, money and man-hours for every project.

Welder Qualification Management

Training, testing, consultation and digital management – the whole package.

Ready Arc Renew

A proactive and hassle-free solution to welder’s qualification renewals.

Expert Consultation

Precisely customized solutions for every client and every project.

Welder’s Portfolio (Coming Soon)

Important credentials for individual welders, safely stored and all in one place.

Certification & Testing Database

Secure access and storage for all welder qualification and testing records.