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Welcome to a new, proactive and hassle-free solution to handling your annual welding certificate renewals.

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About Ready Arc Renew

Automatic Renewal with Ready Arc Renew means we’ll process the renewal of your F3-F4 and F4 tickets - every single year.  Signing up today means you can ...

  • Avoid Missed Expiry Dates. Never worry again about missing your expiry date, we’ll take care of everything through Service New Brunswick.
  • Prevent Retesting. Save the even higher cost of retesting (when you miss expiry by 30 days).
  • Forget to Remember. We’ll track all the information and dates for you, and email confirmation of your renewal once we’ve processed it through Service New Brunswick.
  • Access Your Info. We’ll automatically update your information in our certification and testing database.


Getting Started

Sign up today for only $60 billed annually (includes your renewal cost) by registering via the button below. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns or questions.


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*For industrial clients and companies, please reach out to us directly for a custom service quote.

*This service is currently available only to residents of New Brunswick. If you live elsewhere and would like to look at opportunities for your area, please contact us.