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Course Outline

Graduate with 900 First Year Apprenticeship Hours

Our 6-month Welding Program is for those with little to no welding experience, but who are serious about building a successful career in the field. You’ll work hard and be better prepared for the workforce sooner. You’ll graduate in six months, not only with your Block One Apprenticeship Exam completed but READY to work. Ready Arc teaches more than just what’s required, so you leave with the confidence and skills to succeed.

420 Hours in the Classroom

  • Blueprint Reading For Welders
  • Math for Welders
  • Welding Theory:
    • Basic Weld Joints
    • Weld Types & Faults
    • Metallurgy
    • Basic Shop & Welding Safety
    • WHMIS, Hazardous Materials & Fire Protection
    • Oxyfuel
    • Materials Handling
    • Rigging
    • Hoisting
    • Metal Identification
    • Production & Properties of Metal
    • Wire Feed Welding
    • Filler Metals & Feeders
    • Hardfacing
    • Distortion
    • Heat Treatment
    • Mild Steel Electrodes
    • Arc Air Gouging
    • Plasma Cutting & Gouging

480 Hours in the Shop

  • Shop Safety
  • Power Tools
  • Oxygen/Acetylene
  • Cutting/Brazing
  • Layout
  • Fabrication
  • Arc Gouging/Cutting
  • Ironworker Operation
  • Horizontal Bandsaw
  • Shield Metal Arc Welding (Fillet, Butt, Groove)
  • Flux Core Arc Welding

Practical Tests & Certifications

Witnessed by NB Technical Inspection Services, Department of Justice and Public Safety:

  • 1 - F3B Plate Test (4 Position)
  • 1 - F3/F4A Pipe Test (6G Position)

Witnessed by the Canadian Welding Bureau:

  • CWB FCAW (4 Positions)
  • CWB SMAW (4 Positions)

When You Graduate

You’ll leave Ready Arc with a minimum of 2 provincial welding tickets. You’ll also have the opportunity to earn 2 additional CWB tickets, which allows you to work with pressure pipe and structural steel. Upon graduation, you’ll write your Block One Exam - and will have already earned 900 hours towards your first-year apprenticeship.

Additional Information

Registration Fee $300 (Non-refundable)
All classes are 37.5 hours per week, running from 8am to 4pm (with 30-minute lunch break)

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